Web Design and Science – The Path to Success



Scientifically based Brisbane web design looks at the designing in a whole new light. It’s no longer about how many clicks a particular product gets but about why. What motivates people to do certain things and not others? Are there physical reactions to what is seen and heard? If so, which ones are relevant for building a successful website?


Science answers many relevant questions, almost not deliberately. There are still very few branches that specifically deal with this topic to get results for Brisbane web design. But it is possible to apply research results to the sub-areas of web design.


Scientifically proven tips for Brisbane web design

The information below considers the results of all kinds of studies. Much of the content is not new. They often come from the field of brain research because the brain is the place where you make your decisions. Psychological research findings also play an essential role. These tips can be used when designing your website.


Understanding digital reading correctly: the primacy recency effect

The process of reading is quite complex. Your brain is activated in many areas. So, it begins with the primary task of recognizing and assigning symbols. This information is then passed on to the language center in order to be able to train the appropriate sounds there. Also, the brain is differently active during the ingestion of content. When digital processing content, in particular, you focus on finding the most essential information quickly. Whether it is news articles or an entire website, readers are particularly good at remembering the presented information first and last. This process, described as the primacy recency effect, can be used very well for web optimization. Present important details at the top and bottom of the page during the Brisbane web design process.


Representing costs and benefits: Prospect Theory

The prospect theory emerged as early as 1979 in behavioral economic research. It relates to what is known as loss aversion. This describes the fact that people value possible losses higher than potential gains. The risk is rated almost twice as high as the benefit.

For the presentation of products, this means the following:


  • Put the benefits of products in the foreground
  • Do not embellish potential risks
  • Visually highlight information about the benefits


Even minor risk factors can have a drastic influence on the purchase decision. Follow-up studies, such as a study by behavioral economists Johnsson, Herrmann, and Gächter, also found that certain groups are more prone to lose aversion. The phenomenon decreases with a higher level of education and increases with age.


Too much choice is counterproductive: Hick’s Law

A high conversion rate is the primary goal of all websites, which is why excellent Brisbane web design is essential. Because high visitor numbers are of little use if customers don’t buy any products. Hick’s law comes from intelligence research. It deals with the question of whether the number of choices makes an impact on the time it takes to process information. The research result shows that the larger the number of options your brain needs to process each piece of information longer. In the practical test, subjects were offered 24 jams to choose from in one group and six jams in the other. The subjects could find out about the offer and then buy the jam. The conversion rate of the first group was around 3%. The group with the lower selection had a conversion rate of 30%.


Customers trust other customers: social proof

The theory of social proof has been studied in psychology for many decades. It deals with the question of what influence the behavior of others has on one’s own decisions. Although many experiments use very different approaches to investigate the phenomenon, they all come to similar conclusions – people tend to agree with the prevailing opinion. Some experiments show drastic results. Some models describe how a group of 100 test persons changes their original opinion by 90% if only five persons do this first.

This knowledge can be applied very well for a successful Brisbane web design. The integration of positive customer opinions is an important part of successful marketing. The more satisfied customers are convinced of a product, the more customers will follow because indecisive buyers tend to join a large crowd as part of the social proof.


Attracts attention: Rest off effect

In 1933, the scientist Hedwig von Rest off studied how the brain visually absorbs certain information. At that time, she presented numbers and letters, the numbers being the exception in the total amount. Almost all test persons were able to remember the numbers particularly well – because they fell out of the pattern.

This technique can be implemented for Brisbane web design with colors. It is best to present important information in a color that contrasts with the rest of the design. This approach is suitable for details in the body text or buttons. The best color for a website depends on the overall Brisbane web design.


Present relevant content briefly and concisely

Studies in various fields repeatedly deal with the best way to present text information. Whether you want to offer a product, report on current events, or offer a company portrait, keep the following in mind:


  • Organize content in a transparent manner
  • Include relevant facts in short paragraphs
  • Do not use foreign words or technical terms that are not necessary
  • Use short sentences of up to 20 words long
  • No incomprehensible nested sentences
  • Create focus points in the text – tables, lists, and graphics


Bottom line -using science for Brisbane web design

A Good Brisbane web design is tailored to the content of the website. Do you want to convey information or sell products? Who should the content appeal to? Make use of the facts from scientific studies for your website. In this way, you can address the target persons directly and provide active decision-making aids. Influence the perception of the user and make the most of your website.