More Fashion Designers Are Coming On the web

There are a number of high end Italian luxury designers who have historically always avoided directly selling their merchandise online. This trend seems to now be changing and more of these designers are beginning to sell their goods on the internet. This article looks at the reasons behind this trend and the brands that are getting in on the profitable e-commerce market.

In years gone by, fashion houses such as Valentino and Armani have always avoided directly selling their own goods online. Consumers have been able to purchase their luxury items through a limited number of of other stores, but these fashion houses themselves have shied away from setting up their own online e-commerce sites.

In Italy, online fashion shopping habits are changing. More and more Italians, and indeed people the whole world over, are shopping for designer fashion online. The statistics show that internet commerce is an extremely important and growing sales channel for luxury fashion items. Convenient, accessible and efficient, this manner of shopping saves time, effort and money.

The world is also in a global economic downturn. In a recession, one of the areas that is going to be hit hardest is the luxury fashion market. When people are tightening their purse strings to get through a Fashion Brand, spending on luxuries is one of the first areas to go.

The attitudes of the luxury shopping demographic are also changing. In practice, this means that the buyers of these luxury brands are far more accustomed to internet shopping than they were ten years ago.

Valentino and Armani have opened new online stores recently in time to benefit from the festive shopping season. They continue the recent trend set by Cavalli and Ferragamo in launching specialist online retail websites for their brands.

A growing percentage of the world’s Christmas shoppers buy online. Luxury brands such as Valentino and Armani want to capitalize on that spending and grab a larger piece of the market. They see that setting up and running a successful online outlet does not detract from their brand value. Online e-commerce sites are also far more cost effective and wide reaching than traditional brick and mortar stores. For a relatively small investment, you can reach a global audience and expose your brand to 24 hour consumer buying.

It may seem that they are coming rather late to the online shopping party, but I’m sure that many readers will agree that it is better late than never…