Merchandise For Sale

Merchandise is a catch-all word that means things for sale. At the base you wholesale merchandise and retail merchandise.

Merchandise comes in a great many flavors. This includes general merchandise which could be anything from antacids to zephyrs. Then you have liquidation merchandise which implies low prices and great savings. Store merchandise makes one think of things like dresses and egg beaters.

One of the most popular types of merchandise is called apparel merchandise which may be sold at wholesale, retail, overstock, liquidation, closeout, but always for profit.

Merchandise is typically created by manufacturers, whether they be working from a garage or a factory covering square blocks, and sold for a low price. Sometimes this merchandise is picked up by middlemen called wholesalers who buy in quantity to piecemeal it out to retailers who then jack up the prices for their profit.

Merchandise first creates profit opportunity for the creator, wholesaler, and retailer, finally translating out to the in store customer, who finishes the cycle by completing the transaction.

All along the route from manufacturer to the sales floor customer, the problem and opportunity exists to make people along the merchandise chain aware of the merchandise in the first place.

This article won’t have much appeal to the big time merchandisers, and they know who they are. But suppose you, as a smaller wholesaler or retailer don’t have an established supply chain, buyers, and the rest. Suppose you are tasked with doing it all yourself? What’s a merchandise buyer or merchandise seller to do?

Let me suggest that you consider throwing in with another business that can compliment yours. The art of business cooperation may not be totally dead, but it is on life support and there is no good reason for it with the fantastic resources that the internet provides. There is absolutely no reason why each website or business must be a self contained unit, unless they choose to be.

Suppose for example that you are a wholesaler wannabe and you’re wondering how you will find your market. Let us further suppose that you have found a ridiculously low priced warehouse full of yapping pink dog toys in Taiwan just begging for greedy American buyers. The problem is how to get those toys in the hands of the buyers.

Since you don’t happen to have a supply chain in place and Toymart isn’t taking phone calls, you’re left to your imagination, determination, and American ingenuity.

What you can do is to go to your nearest computer and research…No, you don’t need a college degree to research,,, doggy related websites to find which ones are popular. Observe that on most, near the top or bottom, there will be a line that contains “about” and “contact” information

Man or if the clothes fits, woman up and contact the website owner. If it’s part of some kind of conglomerate, you may have problems finding someone to talk to, but for the rest, you’ll be in direct contact with a real, and possibly interested human being.

Offer to advertise at a right price on their website. Advertising tools come in banners, text, articles, and possibly even full pages.

Advertising on established websites saves you from building your own, which may or may not ever produce anything good for you. You’re dealing with proven sites, and hopefully with interesting owners who are anything from all business to just plain flattered that you noticed them.

As a wholesaler, what you are aiming for is contact information from other buyers of what you are selling. This is not necessarily the same thing as selling directly on the websites. You’re just prospecting for customers that you can wholesale to.

When you start you will note that dealing with really large corporate websites who know the advertising ropes can get expensive very quickly. But way before you get to this level, there are more lower level, but highly placed websites who are delivering services to people you need to get to know than there are stars in the sky. Better, these smaller sites aren’t used to getting advertising offers and will give you a heck of a deal, just for the asking.

Mainly, there are ways to do what you do for much less with at least the promise of results. On the other hand, you can go the internet route with the snotty unfeeling big boys and lose your shirt. I urge you to go directly to smaller, but popular websites that match your wholesaling interests and contact them directly for cost savings that can put money in your pocket. Then devise and interesting offer to fit your needs that works with the website you are advertising on.