Install a Distinctive Modern Chandelier to Give Your Living Space a New Aesthetic Appeal

A chandelier is always considered to be the statement piece of light fixture that elevates the interiors of even a minimally furnished room. A beautiful chandelier that adorns your living room will always become a point of appreciation and discussion among guests who visit your house.

You need not just limit yourself to the living room, but you can also add character to your dining rooms with a chandelier especially if you love throwing dinner parties for your extended family and friends. Chandeliers are no more limited to those huge crystal art pieces, but have evolved into more contemporary, modern, elegant, and stylish pieces.Image result for chandelier

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Factors to be considered while choosing chandelier for your home

  1. Position:
  • It is mostly advisable to place a chandelier in the center of the room both for aesthetic reasons and uniform illumination.
  • However, if the room space is large then you can place 2 chandeliers equally spaced from the center of the room.
  1. Brightness:
  • The amount of illumination from a chandelier would depend upon the total square feet area of the room.
  • Add approximately 300 lumen of light for every 100 square feet of your room; especially if the chandelier is going to serve as the primary light source in that room.
  1. Height:
  • The most important rule is to place chandelier at a safe clearance from the head.
  • If you are placing it in the dining room ensure a minimum distance of 30 inches between the table and the bottom of the chandelier.
  1. Technology:
  • Modern chandeliers come with LED lights or compact fluorescent lights as these are more energy efficient.
  • You will need to upgrade your technology if you want to connect the LED lights to a dimmer.
  • You would also not want to have LED or CFL in a chandelier in which the bulbs are exposed as it would not be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Keep in mind that certain CFL would not work with a dimmer.
  1. Style:
  • You would like to use crystal chandeliers for interiors that have a more traditional look.
  • Use bronze finish for a transitional look.
  • Modern interiors are complemented with more geometric designs and chrome or nickel finish.
  1. Lightning function:
  • The focus of the light as desired will definitely play a major role in selecting the right chandelier.
  • If you want a direct and focused spotlight, use a down light traditional chandelier.
  • Up light chandeliers on the other hand provide a reflected ambience.
  • For task lighting, you will need to install additional lightning fixtures along with your centrepiece chandelier.

In the end, buy something that matches your personal taste. Do not always shop for a look that is safe and traditional. Play with geometric designs to create a more modern looking interior with your chandelier.