Face Masks Protects You to Some Extent from The Spread of COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has spread throughout the world with a very fast rate of contamination. The situation has soon turned in to a pandemic with a rising death toll. People are still dying out of this virus attack. The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued various recommendations following the updated research. Though the cure is unknown and the vaccine is yet to come out, you can take precautionary measure to avoid spreading the virus to other people and also protect yourself.

You can buy protective face masks for reasons like pollution, allergy, and cough and cold. In today’s situation, it is mandatory to wear face masks for protecting yourself against the coronavirus. Custom Earth Promos provides you with their eco-friendly custom face masks. You can expect high-quality products from this US-based company having 10 years of experience. They specialize in eco-friendly custom bags.

Face Mask Gives Some Protection to You and People Around You

First, you need to understand that the infection mainly spreads with human contacts through respiratory droplets. It is easy to spread through the air when you cough, sneeze or even when you talk. Sometimes, it transmits through other mediums where the droplets land.

The right type of mask would act as a protective barrier between two people. The droplets would not reach, you from others and at the same time prevent the droplets to spray over others from you. You should especially wear a mask if it is hard to maintain a safe distance or the place is crowded.

Moreover, the researches show that there had been many asymptomatic cases and it is easy to contaminate even during the time the patient does not show symptoms. Wearing protective masks can reduce the chances of spreading the virus. However, wearing the mask properly is another important factor.

When to Wear A Mask?

  • Anyone who is two years old and above should wear a mask when going outside of the house in public places and also when around people other than living in the house.
  • There is absolutely no other way than to wear a mask even in your house if you are taking care of a COVID patient or you feel that you may have the infection yourself.
  • All healthcare workers should don PPE kit when working in a highly contagious environment.

People Who Should Avoid Wearing Mask

There is no use of wearing a mask if you don’t wear it properly. However, there are certain situations when you shouldn’t wear a mask –

  • Children below two years should not wear a mask. It can be suffocating for them.
  • You are having breathing problems.
  • When exercising, try not to wear a mask since you would have difficulty in breathing and it would sweat.
  • If you are unconscious or incapable of removing the mask.
  • Some people may suffer from behavioral or psychological problems and wearing a mask may aggravate the situation. It is possible that after certain adjustments you may feel alright.