10 Subway Surfers Tips

Dicas Subway Surfers

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Now let’s talk about the main tips of Subway Surfers so that you can reach all the goals and get a far as possible!

Best Dicas Subway Surfers in this year

Now we are going to tell you the best tips from dicas subway surfers so that you can achieve good results and make an excellent endless run.

1 – Free Stuff Session

In the best dicas Subway Surfers Shop you will find the tab: “Free Stuff”, where you can win several prizes for watching videos and also for visiting Sybo’s social networks, to do so just click on each social network that appears in this session, you don’t even need to like or follow, just click and wait to open the social network and you will win several coins.

Watch videos to earn coins, advantages, reinforcements, boards and keys, so you already start the game with some coins and items.

2 – Complete the word search every day

Complete the word search every day, the more days in a row you complete, the better your prize will be until the 5th day.

3 – Keep an eye on special missions

In addition to the traditional races, it is possible to make dicas Subway Surfers even more interesting and profitable with the system of special missions available in the game that is in the upper left corner of the main menu, see what the missions are and try to fulfill them during the races this will guarantee bonuses and special items.

4 – Complete daily missions and achievements

daily missions and achievements Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has daily missions with challenges that are updated daily where you can get lots of items and coins. The missions are usually quite easy and guarantee beautiful prizes such as coin packs, mysterious boxes and special items for your character.

In addition to the daily missions, there are achievements in which you will also be rewarding with items to earn character costumes and boards.

5 – Look at the bottom of the screen and anticipate

An excellent tip to improve your gameplay in Subway Surfers is to always keep an eye on the bottom of the screen, so that you can anticipate and know exactly what obstacles are coming, and thus be able to prepare to dodge them in time. Start practicing this technique from the beginning so that it will be much easier to run and get longer and longer and collect more coins.

6 – Collect the special items

Subway Surfers also has a series of special items that can improve your performance in the races, grab the magnet that will pull all the coins around you, grab the boot and make big jumps, score multipliers, jetpack that takes you to the heights and more! Keep an eye out, be on the lookout for them, these items have a yellow glow, and pick them up whenever you can.

7 – Make improvements to your Power Ups

Make the improvement, that is, upgrade your Powers Ups! In the Shop on the tab: “Reinforcements”, you will find items to buy and improvements to make, upgrade your rocket backpack (Jetpack), SuperTennis, Coin magnet and multiplier x 2 as soon as possible.

The more you improve your powers ups, the longer it will last and the more you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the item, we advise you to first improve the rocket backpack, then the coin magnet, super tennis and x2 multiplier.

8 – Be conservative

Do not risk your life for a coin or item, at first it may seem the best option to score well in Subway Surfers, however this strategy is not highly recommended for those looking for lasting races.

Whenever a maneuver seems too dangerous to pick up items and coins, choose a simpler path even if you have to leave coins and complicated items to pick up behind, that way, you will risk less and be able to play for longer and consequently gather more fashions and make more points.

9 – Save coins and buy new boards

boards subway surfers

Subway Surfers’ unlockable boards guarantee additional abilities for your characters, which can be extra speed, double jump, lying character and teleportation, so you can have more advantage in the races and maximize your performance. These are just some of the advantages available on the boards, which can be found for purchase by clicking on “Me”, that is, on your character’s menu.

10 – Always stay on top

Even though the game takes place on the train tracks and most of the obstacles are on the ground, one of the best strategies to get many points in matches is to stay as long as possible through the air wearing special boots, the pogo stick or the jetpack , this will make you travel great distances without worrying about trains and other obstacles. In addition, you will find thousands of coins and many special items that can be easily collected.

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